Nathan Pitzer

Head of Marketing

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Sutherland Partners with Augment CXM

We're officially announcing our partnership with the folks over at Sutherland AI, and we're excited to get started.

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Pros and Cons of CX Metrics

CX metrics - like NPS, CSAT or CES - utilize answers provided by customers to directed questions about their experiences with your brand. Yet, there are many issues with simply following these statistics blindly.

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6 Customer Experience (CX) Software Products That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Consumers are willing to spend as much as 13% more for products and services when they have a great experience. Make sure you're ahead of the game with these solutions.

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Leveraging Digital Customer Support to Provide Exceptional CX

Forward thinking companies have shifted their business model to accommodate these new, digital, customer expectations.

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NPS vs CES: How to Tell the Difference Between "Delighting" Customers and "Making it Easy" on Them

Both the net promoter score and customer effort score are effective metrics for estimating customer loyalty. But which one should you be focusing on?

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Leveraging customer experience to drive marketing

Managing your customer's experience is one of the best ways to drive word of mouth marketing.

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The growth of customer experience management (CXM)

There is a shift in the market. Sellers used to have all of the power. But in the age of social media, product reviews, and lower switching costs, CXM is starting to rise.

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