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Augment’s AI technology resolves everyday problems faced by Contact Centers leading to increases in NPS scores, improved agent efficiency, and decreased operational costs. Our cloud first approach allows our AI solution to be deployed within days.

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Remote work is here to stay. Augment your workforce with AI that empowers your employees and supervisors to learn the best practices that lead to happy customers.

Customer Care & Marketing

Augment gives you the answers to your biggest questions about why your customers are contacting you and what conversational trends are impacting revenue, customer retention and CSAT.

System Integrator

AI technology is only as useful as the end applications. Leverage Augment's proprietary conversational AI technology to bring new innovation to your customers.

Augment Results in Real Numbers


Increase in


Increase in
Agent Productivity

15 pts

Increase in


Increase in
Sales Conversion

Sneak Peak of Augment CXM Tools

Customer Insights

Every conversation that runs through your support team will also run through Augment CXM's semantic deep learning engine. All conversations are tagged with key insights and CX KPIs, like AHT, CSAT and NPS.

“You’re able to look into every conversation that every agent on your team has had - and discover the key moments that are causing your customer’s satisfaction to drop. In one conversation, you find that a customer had to do a “power reset” multiple times in order for their product to work.”

Agent Assistance

Augment CXM labels each conversation with key insights and predictive KPIs - as the conversation is evolving. Your management team is able to step in and support agents when conversations are going south. Before the customer decides to vent on social media.

“Let your support supervisors know about this “power reset” issue and let them know how they should train agents on the quick fix. The supervisors can coach agents directly in the platform, ensuring none of your customers runs into this issue again.”

Operational Excellence

Understand exactly which insights are impacting your brand the most. Show the exact number of CSAT and/or NPS points your company will be able to gain and the amount of AHT savings you'll have if you're able to rectify these problematic insights.

“After learning more about this “power reset” issue, you want to learn how often it occurs across your organization. Augment CXM’s dashboard shows this issue occurs in a massive 8.2% of conversations. You realize immediate training is necessary.”

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