Business intelligence for your contact center

Augment your contact center with AI powered business intelligence that helps you uncover your biggest opportunities to improve customer experience

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Real-Time Customer Experience management

Analyze and take action on your customer data

Our Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform allows you to monitor your digital and voice communication in real-time and gives your team actionable guidance on how to best handle every customer conversation
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Fortune 500 customer interactions with:

Agent Assistants

Augment your agents with state of the art artificial intelligence allowing everyone to execute as well as your top performers

Actionable Insights

Automatically identify the groups of employees and key moments that are leading to the biggest drops in NPS/CSAT to help managers determine where to focus their time to drive improvements

Real-time Coaching

Alert a manager as a customer's predicted NPS or CSAT begins to drop, and bring them into the conversation to train the agent and ensure a positive outcome

We easily integrate with these platforms...

...and many more! 

“With Augment's real-time tools, I have changed the way I manage my workforce to deliver happier customers”
Jamie Young
Senior Director of Customer Experience at Dyson
“Our agents really love using the product.”
Andy Larisch
Director of Digital Messaging at Clearlink
“I haven't taken Augment CXM off of my browser for 2 months.”
David Lewy
Senior Vice President at Knoah Solutions