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Augment your contact center with AI-powered business intelligence that helps you uncover your biggest opportunities to improve both customer service efficiency and customer experience

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Answer your most important questions

Why is your customer contacting you?

Our Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform allows you to monitor your digital and voice communication in real-time and gives your team actionable guidance on how to improve your most important KPIs.

What are your customers talking about?

Augment CXM automatically breaks conversations down into the customer's intents, the products they are talking about, and the outcomes of those conversations - giving you insight into every detail.

When are your customers reaching out?

Have you ever had to deal with a storm of unexpected customer questions? Augment CXM flags these unforeseen spikes of conversations and alerts your team to take action before they spiral out of control.

Who is handling these problems in your call center?

Quickly understand if issues in your contact center are caused by specific agents & deliver coaching to those agents on how they can improve their handling of customer issues.

How should you prioritize your work?

The number of things you can do is unlimited - update self-service tools, collaborate with your product team, fix steps on your customer journey - but unfortunately, your time is not. Augment CXM directs you to the issues which will have the most significant impact on your organization.

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“With Augment's real-time tools, I have changed the way I manage my workforce to deliver happier customers”
Jamie Young
Senior Director of Customer Experience at Dyson
“Our agents really love using the product.”
Andy Larisch
Director of Digital Messaging at Clearlink
“I haven't taken Augment CXM off of my browser for 2 months.”
David Lewy
Senior Vice President at Knoah Solutions