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Effective 6 March 2019
Augment Solutions Privacy Policy

Augment is committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and security for all data collected by our clients and housed on our systems.

Personal Data Collection – Mechanism & Purpose

Augment provides web applications and data hosting services to its clients. Data is collected in two ways.

1.    Our clients collect data in the course of communicating with their customers who have explicitly contacted them.

2.    Augment may collect data on behalf of its clients via automated mechanisms (such as RSS feeds and APIs) in order to enable clients to research and respond to their customers.

All data collected is owned by our clients. Our clients maintain their own privacy policies regarding the consumer data they collect.

Personal Data Collection – Use & Aggregation

Augment does not use, sell, or otherwise disseminate personal data that is collected by its clients. Data is merely housed and maintained for our clients’ (data owner’s) use.

Augment periodically aggregates information for analysis purposes only. The aggregated information does not include personal data that can be used to identify persons or organizations.

Personal Data Collection – Retention, Deletion, Defaults

Retention of data (the period of time the data is kept until either deleted, masked, or otherwise cleansed in such a way to remove the identity of persons and organizations) is controlled and executed by our clients based on their organizational policies and their regulatory requirements.

When our clients delete consumer data, all copies of that data are permanently removed within a few weeks.

When a client stops using Augment services, all data is securely transferred to that client and promptly deleted from our environment.

In the case of an Augment client default (if a client is no longer a business entity), Augment will make a reasonable effort to identify its holding or parent company in order to securely transfer the data to them. If unsuccessful in locating a parent company, Augment will destroy all data belonging to that defaulted client.

Personal Data Collection – Security

Augment uses industry standard security measures to protect the data housed on our systems. Augment systems are hosted virtually. Only authorized employees have access to the hosted systems.

Onward Transfer

Personal data is never shared by Augment with any third parties unless specifically requested by our clients. In most cases, sharing of data is executed directly by our clients with no involvement by Augment.

Disclosures required by law

In certain circumstances, it is possible that personal information may be subject to disclosure pursuant to judicial subpoena, warrants, and orders as well as other lawful requests by public authorities and law enforcement, including national security requirements.

Based on ownership of data, this should be executed by our clients, but Augment will do so if so ordered.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted online at this location from time-to-time without prior notice.

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