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26x ROI on Augment CXM in first year for premium appliance brand

In 6 months, the client achieved:
44% increase in sales conversion
15 point NPS growth

Augment CXM achieves 26x ROI in first year for premium appliance brand

Efficiency, it's in their DNA

Our client is a category-defining company that continually reinvents the world. First, they took a stagnant vacuum industry and turned it into a sexy product line. Then they did the same thing with fans. And again with hair dryers.

When your brand deploys premium products, you are expected to provide a premium experience. Where someone may randomly swing by a Target to pick up a $50 Hoover, consumers are more conscious and thorough about purchasing this company’s product.

Selling and supporting in chat

The company rolled out a comprehensive chat solution four years ago with Bold 360 and achieved amazing results. This increase in customer care, however, has associated costs. They wanted to maintain their rigorous customer program - but wanted to increase efficiency. The team started looking into various AI solutions and eventually chose Augment CXM to improve their support agents efficiency. But what they got was much more.

Results after deployment were nearly instantaneous. Augmented agents provided a higher NPS score than un-augmented agents week after week. Note that a small gap exists during the peak holiday season, when the entire agent team moved from chat support to phone support, but the team continued to improve afterward.

Augmented agents score higher

The comparison of sales conversion rates between Augmented agents and un-augmented agents was the same. The team took a little longer to learn the benefits of working with the "Agents Assist" tools, but once they did, the results were staggering. After 5 months, Augmented agents were converting 60% more deals...

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