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Top electronics brand’s agent increased productivity by 31%

In a 100 person study, Augment CXM delivered:
31% increase in agent productivity
11 point increase in NPS

Augment CXM increases top electronics brand’s agent productivity by 31%

Powering BPOs

Knoah, a business processing outsourcer, powers some of the top brands in the world including one of the premier consumer electronic producers. Winning this business is hyper competitive and Knoah wanted their agents to handle more customer conversations without sacrificing customer satisfaction. They assembled a technology team and built a self-service chatbot—only to see customers become increasingly dissatisfied with their customer support.

Augmenting humans

Knoah needed a new approach, one that matched their fundamental values of supporting agents. They began to look for tools that would empower their agents to deliver faster and better-informed responses to their customers.

Enter Augment’s Customer Experience Management (CXM) software. Instead of making robotic worker replacements, Augment CXM builds on a philosophy that automates some processes while still leaving the interpretation and decision-making up to the human agent.

Faster, better, stronger

The team’s at Augment and Knoah set off deploying the software across a set of the agents which were working on the electronic manufacturer’s account. One hundred agents were involved in the initial 6 month product tests and Augment CXM was connected directly into the agent’s Liveperson and Zendesk applications. As the agents started to adopt the product, the speed of chat resolution accelerated and leveled out around 23% faster than before installation.

Chat Resolution Speed Increase

Productivity gains were not limited to chat resolution speed. Other gains include handling 11% more concurrent chats and having a 2.3% higher FCR (first-contact resolution).

Happier customers AND agents

Productivity gains are good, but Knoah noticed a severe drop in NPS during their chatbot implementation and wanted to ensure they were delivering a top tier experience...

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