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Get marketing to act on your CX initiatives

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$58K in annual revenue recovered

Get marketing to act on your CX initiatives

Why is my CX dropping?

A premium home appliance company noticed something odd on their Augment CXM Insights Dashboard. There seemed to be a very high correlation between people with a low NPS score and those who were turned down for a marketing promotion. The customer experience team dove in to Augment to discover the root cause.

  1. Auto issue summarization: Augment correlated a decrease in NPS to customers referencing an invalid price match promotion from the website. The CX team analyzed a few of these conversations and noticed that the customers were referencing the same webpage which had incorrect wording.  
  2. Precision agent coaching: Once notified, call center Managers used Augment to see which agents were handling this complicated issue the best, and trained the rest with these proven techniques
  3. Interdepartmental collaboration: An analyst quickly measured the impact this misworded promotion was having on customers and showed it to marketing leadership

Adjusting the website

With these insights, marketing understood the impact that this flawed website language had on their NPS. The team quickly updated the website accordingly. From identifying the issue to updating the website, the whole process took under a week. Ultimately, this process saved four more weeks of customer complaints and recovered $58,000 in annual revenue.

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