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Leading tire manufacturer hits CSAT goal for first time

In 3 months, the client achieved:
16% Increase in CSAT
39% Reduction in Agent Typing time

Leading tire manufacturer hits CSAT goal for first time

Building the optimal product

Our partner is an ambitious company. They are continually striving for the best products which meet their customer's needs. And that ambition stretches over to their CX division and their newly ramped eCommerce program. They set a high bar of an 80% CSAT target early in their new program and have been unable to hit the lofty goal since its inception.

Partnering on innovation

Inktel, a BPO partner of Goodyear, did some research to see how they could improve their team to start exceeding the bar set by Goodyear. Knowing that their agents are their most valuable asset, Inktel wanted to find a solution that enhanced their team. Augment CXM was a great match for their needs. It's technology included key features which connected with their needs, such as:

1. Agent Assist: An optimized script guiding every agent during every conversation with turn by turn conversational support

2. Targeted Coaching: A 1 on 1 mid-conversation coaching platform that connects struggling agents to supervisors, no matter if the team is in the office of work from home

3. Predicted CSAT: An advance sentiment analysis tool enabling agents to know how a customer is feeling within each conversation

4. Automated QA: Insights which pinpoint specific problems occurring across the contact center, automatically and in real-time

Taking it for a test drive

Both Goodyear and Inktel were intrigued by the features of Augment CXM. Still, they wanted to make sure that the tool delivered better results and made the agent's job easier - rather than give them yet another application to manage.

Augment CXM was integrated directly inside of their Oracle Right Now application and trained the agents after just a quick 1-hour tutorial. Adoption across the agents took off rapidly. Shortly, it became clear that more adoption led to a higher CSAT.

During the initial pilot launch, high adopters of Augment performed 16% higher on their CSAT scores. Even more impressive...

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