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Premium phone producer increases agent efficiency by 29%

In a 30 day pilot, agents saw:
29% increase in productivity per chat
28% further productivity improvements during peak hours
0 Drop in NPS or CSAT

Fastest growing premium phone producer increases agent efficiency by 29% with Augment CXM

Scaling a customer support team

One of the fastest-growing premium phone manufactures started to run into an issue. As their products began selling at insanely increased rates, they no longer had a large enough support staff to help their ever-increasing customer base.

Replacing humans?

When companies look for current technologies that can increase their productivity, the easy answer seems to be chatbots. Train a machine-learning algorithm to recognize common questions and instantaneously give a scripted response, and you appear to be all set to improve performance drastically.

The problem is a fully autonomous chat support system simply isn't possible with today's technology. Instead, the chatbots typically add another point of friction for users who are trying to get their problems resolved. More friction = lower NPS/CSAT = lower revenue.

How about Augmenting agents?

Augment’s Customer Experience Management platform (CXM) offers a different approach. The platform empowers human agents to access information and respond to customer inquiries at rocket speed by supporting them with artificial intelligence. Augment builds on a philosophy that automates some processes while still leaving the interpretation and decision-making up to the human agent. This approach turns every agent into a high performing veteran.

Even better, is the consumer gets the benefit of getting information quicker without knowledge of the AI supporting the agent.

Near instant results

Our client set a completely random sample for us to test an A/B pilot launch over 30 days...

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