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Sutherland Partners with Augment CXM

Nathan Pitzer

AI is both the present and the future of modern business operations. We are in the midst of a technological revolution that we as a society are just beginning to understand. Automation is set to transform and create entire industries, and organizations will be defined by whether they're at the leading edge or lagging behind over the next decade.

That's what makes our new partnership with Sutherland AI Solutions so significant. The company is in the business of process transformation, an industry that is impossible to define without touching on the role of AI in innovation, accelerating performance, and achieving high-impact outcomes. Through its services, Sutherland has attracted more than 120 Fortune 1000 companies since its inception thirty years ago.

Sutherland has made AI a core part of its mission.This initiative has taken such a strong hold that they recently started building a branch of the organization called Sutherland AI solutions. This new division is entirely dedicated to helping clients navigate and deploy complex conversational AI and automation solutions." In the process, it discovered something that's close to our raison d'etre: modern customer experience management is impossible without machine learning and automated systems designed to go above and beyond basic manual monitoring. Advanced and predictive analytics are the key to the future.

Sutherland wants to use AI as a superpower for our people, not a replacement for the workforce. A positive force, not an industry-wrecker that customer service agents should be scared of. Our new partner, in other words, is looking to leverage AI in the same way we want to leverage it: as a way for organizations looking to better understand the sales cycle and customer experience, designed to help agents optimize their work. Given that overlap, a partnership was only natural.
The new system is simple. The Augment CXM platform and application will sit in the larger Sutherland solution, delivered to its global clients as a way to build better ways to train and develop customer service agents and managers. Agents of Sutherland clients will receive real-time tips on their screen the moment they interact with their customers. Meanwhile, managers receive the data they need to coach agents in most need of help.

Just as we have seen with our own internal applications, we believe that will lead to significant increases in net promoter score, customer satisfaction, manager visibility and agent efficiency.

For Sutherland, it's a perfect way to unlock new tools designed to improve customer support for all of its client base. Global leaders like DHL, Petco, and The Guardian Group will join other Sutherland clients in leveraging the service. In its application, our system will sit over the Sutherland tech stack, while our algorithm is set free to learn about client business and services to recognize patterns and offer guidance on how to turn those around.

For Augment CXM, this means access to a client base that has traditionally been difficult to reach. Now, Sutherland clients in 140 countries will be exposed to and benefit from our solution, optimizing their customer service process as a result. We've found a partner who has recognized our value, and is ready to plug it into its entire infrastructure.

At its best, Artificial Intelligence will not be an industry destroyer. It will change work as we know it, but through beneficial applications that take away the legwork and give people the power and freedom to do what they do best. That's what we've focused our efforts on in building Augment CXM. That's why our machine learning algorithm focuses on suggesting improvements and coaching the human element of the customer service process, rather than seeking to replace it.

In Sutherland, we have found a partner who believes the same thing. Its own AI solutions focus on features like chatbots, aiming to take away the simple tasks. That frees up customer service agents for more meaningful and valuable conversations, accomplished with the help of our application within the larger CS framework.

Philip Say, VP of Product and GM for Sutherland AI Solutions describes the benefits best, “Unlike today's slow, cumbersome ‘rear-view’ and ‘random sampling’ method of coaching agents and measuring customer feedback, Sutherland CXi will provide operations teams and our customers a real-time view of NPS drivers. It will help agents train faster and improve the ability for managers to use objective data to coach teams or isolate contact drivers. Augment gives our floor managers the ability to coach agents through difficult interactions in real-time and for rookie agents to become veterans in days vs. months – since they are now empowered with all the historical data, outcomes and interactions from past agents.”

Philip Say, VP of Product and GM for Sutherland AI Solutions

It's just the beginning. We're looking to grow and expand our role in customer experience management, and a powerful partner like this will play an integral role in that growth. Together, Sutherland and Augment CXM will work to create AI solutions for better human-based outcomes, continuing to transform industries and leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

To learn more, read the official press release here.

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