Make 200 agents as effective as 300

Between balancing demanding customers and dealing with high agent turnover rates your team is struggling to keep up with their work. Boost your employee experience with tools that convert them into superheroes.

Understand the drivers in your contact center's performance

Understand exactly which problems are impacting your team the most. Show the exact number of CSAT and/or NPS points your company will be able to gain and the amount of AHT savings you'll have if you're able to rectify these problematic insights.

"After logging into Augment CXM in the morning, you're able to look at a high level analysis of your team and how they're performing. You notice there's a new problem occurring in 8.2% of your conversations, something called a 'power reset', and it's dropping your AHT significantly."

Figure out where your agents can improve

100% of conversations are run through Augment CXM's semantic deep learning engine which tags them with key insights and CX KPIs, like AHT, NPS & CSAT. This allows you to know exactly how each agent performs, and where they could use some more coaching.

"You're interested to check in on your agents and see which ones are struggling the most with this 'power reset' issue. You notice 'Devin Lewis' has a low average NPS and his conversations are taking nearly an hour when working on this. You dive into his conversations and learn more."

Give your agent an AI sidekick

Augment CXM automatically identifies and stores all of the top performing responses from ever agent using artificial intelligence. The AI and agent work together to solve customer problems faster than ever before - all within the agent's chat console.

"You and Devin are able to figure out how to best solve this power reset issue and he handles his next case wonderfully. Meanwhile, Augment CXM's AI automatically understands this success and begins to propose the same solution to every other agent when they run into the same problem. Ensuring every agent has the best information at their fingertips.

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Make you each one of your agents perform like they're two people