Convert insights into world class experiences

Your customers are already telling you how to take your brand to the next level. But... how closely are you listening to them?

Discover insights across your support channels

Augment CXM's Insight Discovery system looks beyond keywords and allows you to discover unique patterns of conversations to understand where your company excels and where is could use some work. Easily find gaps in your marketing communications, product features, and more! 

"You've anecdotally heard that a few of your customers have had to reset their product multiple times for it to work properly. So, you decide to launch a search and find out how many customers are talking about this 'power reset' problem. Results are given in under 5 minutes, without listening to hundreds of calls or reading thousands of messages."

Figure out exactly how your customers are describing your brand

Every conversation that runs through your support team will also run through Augment CXM's semantic deep learning engine. All conversations are tagged with key insights and CX KPIs, like NPS and CSAT.

"You've uncovered a large number of people talking about this 'power reset' issue and you want to start diving into the details of these conversations and hear exactly how these customers are describing their issue and your brand."

Build a business case around a better customer experience

Understand exactly which insights are impacting your brand the most. Show the exact number of NPS or CSAT points your company will be able to gain if you're able to rectify these problematic insights.

"After reading into this 'power reset' issue even more, you're convinced that this is a product problem that should be prioritized. Augment CXM's dashboard proves your case, showing this fix would increase your company's NPS by a massive 2.5 NPS points."

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