Turn your team into a service delivery machine

Your agents are operating on individual islands. What if you were able to augment your agents with the knowledge of every other agent?

Figure out where your agents can improve

100% of conversations are run through Augment CXM's semantic deep learning engine which tags them with key insights and CX KPIs, like AHT, NPS & CSAT. This allows you to know exactly how each agent performs, and where they could use some more coaching.

"You're interested to check in on your agents and see which ones are struggling the most. You notice 'Devin Lewis' has a low average NPS and his conversations are taking nearly an hour. Then you can click in and learn that he's struggling with a few topics, including a newly trained product issue requiring 'power resets'."

Give your agents tactical feedback

You can dive into each one of your agents conversations in detail and learn exactly how the agents mishandled a particular instance. By navigating conversations with key insights - you're able to pinpoint precise conversational gaps.

"After narrowing Devin's conversations down to simply those which have the 'power reset' issue, you're able to see that he's not providing customers with the correct step by step instructions. A supervisor can train Devin on the best way to improve his performance. "

Give your agents an AI sidekick

Augment CXM automatically identifies and stores all of the top performing responses from ever agent using artificial intelligence. The AI provides the agent with real-time guidance and gives them the next best action depending on the conversation.

"Devin has sufficiently mastered the 'power reset' issue after his training, and to help him even more, Augment CXM's AI proposes the correct solution to him when this issue arises again. Devin feels more confident in his responses knowing Augment CXM's responses have been verified by historical successes.

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